Welcome to ScribbleSpark Studios!

ScribbleSpark Studios is Laci’s full-service professional workspace. With a sound-treated recording booth, a full audio editing setup, and even casting or marketing services, ScribbleSpark Studios can provide everything you need.

A. Since there are many factors that determine rates, it’s important that you contact me with details about your project first, so that I can give you the most accurate quote. Be as detailed as possible! Where will this spot be used? Is it for broadcast, or internal use? How big is the market it’s reaching? How long will it run? What’s the word count or time, etc? Contact me HERE with project details, and I will do my best to work with your budget. If you’re looking to get an idea of what industry standard rates are for professional voiceovers, you can also visit the Global Voice Acting Academy’s Rate Guide.

A. Since I have a home studio, I can offer you a very quick turnaround, often within the same day, depending on the project length. Rush jobs that REQUIRE an extremely short turnaround, (“I need this in an hour!”) however, will incur an additional charge.

A. Absolutely! My background in marketing and design gives me extensive knowledge on what sells, and what catches a customer’s ear. I have proofed many manuscripts and even written copy for commercials, songs, and scripts. For an additional fee, I would be happy to help make your script sound professional and natural, or create content for you.

A. Yep! For short reads, I have access to a variety of sound effects and royalty free music, and can easily add them to your projects. If you require a longer or custom composition, I have a few colleagues who are genius composers that I can direct you to.

A. I record in a custom built, soundtreated vocal booth (it’s really neat…I painted it like a TARDIS! If you know what that is, you’re extra cool). My microphones include a TLM 103 large-diaphragm condenser mic, Blue Baby Bottle mic, and a Sennheiser 415t shotgun mic. All that goes into my Apollo Twin Duo X interface and a Macbook Pro, where I edit the audio with Adobe Audition CC and iZotope RX7.

A. If you want it to! My standard fees include cleaned tracks. That means that the audio will be free of any background noise, hums, clicks or pops. I also remove any mistakes. Sometimes I’ll add a little bit of “polish” to help balance out the volume levels, too. Many clients have their own audio engineers that need to make my tracks blend into their project, so I try not to use filters and effects in these cases. However, I am definitely able to produce fully mastered, broadcast ready tracks upon request!

A. I love referring my colleagues! I’ve built up a network of trusted, talented voice actors that I would love to introduce you to. Or, if you’d rather have someone handle the entire casting process, I can manage that as well. I have cast and directed productions for stage and screen.

A. Sure! If you would like to listen in and provide direction, my studio has Source Connect for remote recording, or Skype/phone patch. You simply call in during the session, and I send you the completed recording after we finish.

A. Sorry, since my brand focuses on family-friendly material and I work with a lot of children’s entertainment companies, I prefer to stick to content that is maybe PG-13 at most. That means I choose not to voice content that includes extensive cussing or explicit sexual content, except in rare situations. If a script may contain questionable content, please let me know up front. I might be able to suggest a colleague that would be a better fit for you!

A. It’s the best career ever, but it’s not suited for everyone…it takes a lot of dedication and training. If you’d like to find out more about what is involved and see if you think you’d be a good fit for voice acting work, check out my online course all about how to get started HERE.

A. Although my voiceover work keeps me quite busy, I do take on a limited number of private students for basic career coaching now and then! Email me at lacivoice@gmail.com to check my availability, or visit the LEARN WITH LACI page to see what classes are scheduled this year. Even if I’m not the right coach for you, I have a network of talented coaching avenues that I’d be happy to refer you to! Check out my RESOURCES page to see what kind of help I can offer.