Meet Laci

Hi! I’m Laci. I LOVE being behind the mic, working on TV & radio commercials, video games, animated cartoons, interactive books, web explainer videos, audiobooks, toys, and more.

Education & Training

VOICEOVER - Characters/Animation

Bob Bergen – Character Animation (VO Peeps)

Dee Bradley Baker – Character Animation (VON)

Renee Johnson – Disney Character Voices (VO Dojo)

Jessica Kent – Video Games (VON)

Sara Sherman – Disney (VO Atlanta Private Workshop)

Jennifer Trujillo – Disney (VO Atlanta Private Workshop)

Aaron Drown – Disney Audition Intensive (GVAA)

Everett Oliver – Animation (GVAA)

Katie Leigh – Ensemble Acting for Animation (GVAA)

MJ Lallo – Private Animation coaching – (GVAA)

Lindsay Perlman-Harper – Lucasfilm – (VON)

Lisa Biggs – Creating Boy Voices Workshop

Kelly Ward – Video Games (VAN)

D’Arcy Smith – Exertion Sounds/Screams  for Video Games 



Mary Lynn Wissner (VO Atlanta Private Workshop)

Jeff Howell (VO Atlanta Private Workshop)

Chuck Wedge – Leapfrog (VO Dojo)

Ryan Clarke, Kerri Anne Levin – Disney Promos (VAN) 

Ezra Weisz – Live Action Dubbing Workshop (VO Dojo)

Eliza Jane Schneider – Accents  (VO Atlanta Private Workshop)



Tom Burke – Broadway Voice Box – Estill based
   Voice Training and coaching

Felicia Ricci – Belt Your Face Off (video course) 

Elissa Weinzimmer – How Your Voice Works


Formal Education

Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts & Animation
   from The Art Institute

Animation courses – Cal State University, Northridge

Graphic Design/Illustration – Cal State University, Fresno



VO Atlanta – 2018, virtual in 2021

SVARA Voice Summit 2021

Voiceover Virtual – 2013


I grew up in a tiny mountain town in California near Yosemite, often following my dad to his work at a computer game company. There, I watched voice actors, foley artists, and animators collaborate each day, and was inspired to pursue a creative career of my own. 

I’ll never forget sitting in the studio, watching “elves” and “princesses” record their lines while I colored on copies of their character model sheets.  It was an exciting, whimsical world that I wanted to be a part of too!

While attending CSU Northridge and The Art Institute and getting my degree in animation, I honed my improv and live narration skills working as a Universal Studios Tour Guide (imagine doing a 2 hour narration while giant mechanical gorillas and sharks attack you! It was the best!). I also have worked as a performer at the Disneyland Resort, where I played “Mom Elias” in the Innoventions Dream Home, gave live technology shows, spoke about the process of animation/Disney history with the Youth Education Series and taught people how to draw Mickey and his friends in the Animation Academy.

I also am very active in musical theater, having played in shows like Shrek, Grease, Into the Woods, My Fair Lady, Seussical, and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. I even enjoy taking the chance to direct a few shows now and then. I have a strong singing voice (yes, I grew up mimicking Disney Princesses at the top of my lungs in the shower), and have placed in the finals of vocal competitions like Broadway’s “Wannabe Wicked” sponsored by Universal Citywalk, and CMT’s “Taylor Swift Karaoke Contest.” This live performing experience helps me really bring your script to life!

I am constantly learning and studying the field of voiceover work in order to sharpen my skills. That means I’m up on blogs, listening to podcasts, practicing in the studio, working through audio editing tutorials, and reading books about it daily! I’m on the Leadership team of the Voice Actor’s Branch in The Creator’s Society, and I am also a member of the World Voices Organization (WoVO), Women in Animation, and the Voxy Ladies.


I guess you could say that I live in cartoon land… and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

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